medical transcription and editing services since 1978

providing the type of unmatched quality and service that can only come with a business that has been family owned and operated for over 30 years

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a personalized touch...

With AccuTrans, every client is our top priority. Every hospital, every clinic, every doctor, and every patient deserves our best... and that is exactly what we will give you, every time.

unmatched quality and accuracy

Other companies may be hesitant to disclose who is processing your work or where it is being processed. But we are proud to say that with AccuTrans, all of your medical reports will be processed right here in the USA, by transcriptionists whose experience and dedication to the craft is unmatched. By choosing us over a mega-corporation, you are choosing care, quality, reliability, and security.

the latest in technology and security

At AccuTrans, we can support the latest technologies, getting you up to date with your reports seamlessly loading into an electronic medical record (EMR). In addition, by knowing that your work isn't being farmed overseas, you can rest assured knowing that all of your medical documentation is being handled securely with a team dedicated to protecting private patient information.

Don't be fooled; in a world of smooth-talking opportunists who know little about medical transcription and your real needs, we stand out with our proven track record of excellence.

Contact us today at 253.630.6268. We are anxious to join your team!